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Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about jQuery is the fact that it is so easy to extend with plugins. I have written a number of plugins for various uses (though some aren't ready for public consumption just yet), and I want to make them available for other developers to use as well. The following plugins are currently found here:


  • mutuallyExcludeFields - Limit a group of text fields such that only one may have data entered into it
  • toggleActive - Enhance appearance of focused form fields, and toggle display of default values
  • toggleAllCheckboxes - Select / deselect all checkboxes in specified group
  • toggleMoreInfo - Display form field for more information when a checkbox is checked
  • validateForm - Perform checks on forms fields for required data and selected formatting (currently being updated)



  • buildSideNav - (Not a plugin per se) An implementation of the tree navigation into a "hidden" side navigation widget.
  • buildTabbedNav - Dynamically construct a tabbed navigation system from an unordered list.
  • buildTreeNav - Dynamically construct a tree view navigation system


If you have a question, comment, suggestion, or you just want to express your undying thankfulness, please feel free to contact me.

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